How to remotely create a “note” on Gmail?

The following tip describes how to add notes to Gmail. Unless you synced your iPhone's Notes application with Gmail before, you probably won't have a "Notes" label by default. So before doing this you should create a new Gmail label with the name "Notes"! (Expand the tree menu on the left – > Create a new label)

Next, in your Gmail account, click on the "Create a filter" link which is located next to the "Search the web" button, at the top of the page.

If your Gmail address is "" then, in the "To:" section of the filter, type this: (with no spaces)

Click "Next". In this page, choose the "Apply the label" option and select "Notes" from the dropbox list. Click finish.

That's it really! Our setup is complete, now it's time to test it.

From any email account (including the same of yours), send an email to "" (No, the email won't go to someone else!). Write a subject and enter some text in the body part…  Go back to your Gmail account and check the new messages. You will see that you have a new note created under the Notes label/section with the message you sent.

Enjoy creating Gmail notes!