Beryl bug on Fedora: White screen (of death)

Beryl was updated today on the official Fedora Core 6 Extras repositories. If you have already updated your system with the new packages,  you probably have noticed the annoying bug in Beryl which causes your screen to turn into a "white screen of death". Well, actually your system continues to work, except that you can't see it! My suspicion is that only systems with NVIDIA graphics cards are affected.

There is a work-around to tackle this annoyance unless of course you prefer to remove or "downgrade" Beryl to the previous version. Here is how to fix it: 

When it's already running and you have a white screen, press ALT + F1 or F2… and login from the console. Type "pkill beryl" to kill all beryl stuff. Go back to your X screen by ALT + F7. Now you can see your desktop and panel etc.

From a terminal, start it with the "use-copy" option:

beryl –use-copy&

Now you can start Beryl-manager, from the menu if you like.

Right clicking on the Beryl diamond,  change the "Rendering path" from the Advanced Options to "Copy". It should normally be set to "automatic".

As long as this setting remains to be at "Copy", you should not get this white screen anymore!

Now let's wait and see if they'll fix it in the newer versions of NVIDIA drivers or Beryl. So annoying!